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Welcome to my new blog; a new year, a new platform, a fresh start. My previous blog, Crabapple Racing, was a wonderful start to the entirety of my career as a writer. However, as I moved forward with it I... Continue Reading →

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Challenge Accepted

If you've been paying attention, I have not been keeping up with these posts. I've decided I need some sort of goal. Something to work towards, so I can make myself post regularly. As a result I will be taking... Continue Reading →

Steamboat Springs and Beautiful Things

It is a 19 hour drive to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is long, grueling, and beautiful. Coming from the land of lush rolling hills, it is an alien world out West where large mountains suddenly jut out of the flat,... Continue Reading →

Relaxing Weekends and Active Weekdays

Unfortunately, nothing to post this week. Every weekend has been planned down to the hour except this past weekend. It was nice to have a break especially since the next nine days are going to be packed full of things... Continue Reading →

Red River and Fresh Eyes

I finally got to take a day trip to Red River Gorge. The day before was a comfortable 80° Fahrenheit and I thought "this will be the perfect weekend to get out there. The following day, however, was somewhere closer... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days and Hidden Spaces

My plans for Red River Gorge got rained out and I wasn't about to drive two hours away for slick rocky cliffs. Although I was disappointed about the gorge, I haven't been in quite some time, I did get some... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Finds, Unexpected Lessons

My boyfriend, my dog, and I set out to find an awe inspiring area to take my picture this past Saturday in Morgan Conservation Park (Oldham County, KY). I may not have gotten the panoramic photo I was hoping for,... Continue Reading →

Panoramic Photo

So I have my first project. I am to create a panoramic photo, my very first. This photo will go on my main page as the backdrop behind my title. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera with an easy panoramic setting.... Continue Reading →

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