My name is Alex. I’m an accomplished runner, avid hiker, amateur snowboarder, and, above all, an aspiring photographer.

I’ve been camping, hiking, climbing, and repelling since before I can remember. I started snowboarding when I was 14, I started running when I was 15 and it soon became my passion. But I purchased my first camera at 17 with my high school graduation money. Even though I’ve had my camera for going on six years now, it took me until recently to recognize how much this tool-turned-accessory really meant to me. The most wonderful thing about my camera is that I can include all that I love to do, simply from behind a lens.

Little by little I began to play with this instrument, fiddling with programs, over or underexposing most images, and taking a lot of blurry pictures. It came with me to every event, vacation, and trip. I wanted to capture every beautiful moment and lush scene, from the majesty and wonder of the grand Teton Mountains to the small candid moments my loved ones create without realizing. Shadows that dance across walls, architecture built long ago, smiles of strangers, anything and everything that caught my eye as beautiful.

And here is where I want to not only showcase my work as a photographer but learn from my mistakes as such. To teach myself through doing; it’s always been a proven method for me. And I implore you to look through my camera, my eye, and at these images and discover the world as it lies before you and to also learn from my pitfalls and successes.