It is a 19 hour drive to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is long, grueling, and beautiful. Coming from the land of lush rolling hills, it is an alien world out West where large mountains suddenly jut out of the flat, baron landscapes, but it is beautiful and awe inspiring.

We took the drive in two days, taking our time and enjoying what we hope one day will be our future home (not Colorado specifically, but the west in general). Saturday the 11th we drove through to Denver and stayed there so we might have the chance to explore the state a bit more. And indeed we did.

We got out of bed at a reasonable time (mostly because of the time difference), purchased a parachute in Boulder (just outside of Denver), and headed through a mountain pass that would lead us to our final destination.

I wish I could describe to you how amazing this mountain pass was. It embodied everything about hwy I want to move out to the mountains. On either side of the two lane road were tall walls of stone and trees. A slow river ran along side the road and every so often you would spot some sort of hiker trying to billy-goat their way up or a climber attached to the rock with ropes. I wanted to spend the rest of the day there exploring and taking pictures but we had somewhere to be.

We arrived in Steamboat Springs and spent the next four days carving the mountain, enjoying a midnight dip in Strawberry Springs (where it is pitch black I might add), and walked about town. I honestly had too much fun to be taking pictures constantly. It was difficult to put myself behind a camera when I was in front and immersed in such an amazing place.

It was a great trip, as they always are, and I’m even more ready to drop everything and move out there. That’s the dream, and one day I’m going to achieve it.