_dsc0193I finally got to take a day trip to Red River Gorge. The day before was a comfortable 80° Fahrenheit and I thought “this will be the perfect weekend to get out there. The following day, however, was somewhere closer to 40°. I would have preferred it to stay in the 80s but it wasn’t going to stop me. It wasn’t just a day of photography and respite, it was also a day of exploration and education because I was able to take my little cousin, Abby, along. She had never been to the Gorge and I have been camping, hiking, and climbing there longer than I can remember. It was a day of great fun for the both of us and I was so glad she decided to join me._dsc0230-2

I was so excited to be able to share one of the many things I love with my younger cousin. The trip begin with an inevitable 2 hour long car ride to our destination. I went a lot faster than I remembered, thankfully, but to a twelve year-old- I’m sure it felt like forever.

_dsc0201We visited the Gray’s Arch Trial first leading onto Rough Trail #221 , which took up the vast majority of our day. It was about .75 of a mile one way, making it a grand total of 1.5 miles there and back. And, of course there were plenty of stops along the way for photos opportunities. Between all the caves, rock formations, waterfalls, and flora there was a lot to examine._dsc0264

Next stop was the Rock Bridge Trail, which is as it sounds. This was a 1.5 mile loop with a rock bridge over the Red River right in the middle. This structure was surprisingly easy to climb onto and around. Unfortunately for Abby she couldn’t do much climbing since she had a cast on for a couple broken fingers. But we managed just fine.

In all this fun and excitement, I was so focused on taking pictures of her that it completely slipped my mind to take a panoramic photo. It’s not like I won’t be back, and now I know exactly where I want to take it. I can’t wait to go back!

Also, in a little over a week I’ll be leaving for Steamboat Springs, CO. Words cannot express how excited I am to head out there. We’re going to do the long haul on Saturday, get into Colorado, stay the night and then take our time the next day through the state; seeing the sights, taking pics, experiencing natural hot springs, and enjoying ourselves. Don’t forget to check out my home page for more pics form that day!