Welcome to my new blog; a new year, a new platform, a fresh start. My previous blog, Crabapple Racing, was a wonderful start to the entirety of my career as a writer. However, as I moved forward with it I found my purpose evolving and CR no longer served my needs.

Much like every blogger, I have learned from my first blog and have grown beyond that to something very different form what my last blog was (a racing blog). Unfortunately, I struggled with my previous blog toward the end, but it served me well as a learning tool. I not only learned how to boost my online presence, how to write so it grabs attention of the fleeting viewer, but also where I went wrong previously.

There were a couple primary reasons I struggled so much with my last blog. Firstly, I refused to be a part of my own online presence. Even though it was a platform about my racing achievements, obstacles and ultimately about myself, I didn’t want to immerse my identity into the world wide web. I think I heard one too many ghosts stories about the immensity of the internet and how so many people would try to steal my identity. There are so many very personal facts about each and everyone of us floating around out there that it honestly doesn’t matter. I worried for no reason.

Secondly, I couldn’t pin point what exactly I wanted to do with my blog. It started as a racing blog but I wanted to include my trips out West, my camping trips, hiking excursions, family outing, and so on. I wanted to include it all in a blog about racing and running; that simply doesn’t make sense. So I brought it back to writing basics and asked “who is my audience?” I had to cater it to people who don’t like to sit still, but I’m not adventurous enough or able to get away every weekend for that sort of thing. I took me forever to realize that I can be adventurous and do all the things I ever wanted if I just have one thing in common with it all: my camera. I found who I was online.

I’m an amateur photographer who takes pictures of my  broad and local travels, mild adventures, crazy family, and crazier friends and learn the dos and don’ts of the craft along the way.

If you’re joining me from CR thanks so much for sticking with me. If you’re new, I’m glad to have you and I  hope you like what you read but more importantly what you see.